• 5 Things Every Builder Must Do

    Like all challenges you will tackle in your life, building requires some basic skills apart from the actual act of training. It's these lifestyle changes that can make or break your success. They are simple concepts. Still, they evade the majority of people walking in and out of the gym.


    Get to know your body and its natural patterns. Pay attention to problem areas, strengths, and weaknesses. Build a routine that is specific to your body's needs and genetic makeup.  

    What is a Leg Day?[/caption] Train every body part equally. Too often builders find too much "enjoyment" in some workouts while neglecting others (leg day). Fitness is a full-body endeavor. If you don't see it this way, you risk injury, losses on the stage, and chicken legs in the summer.



    You must find passion in what you do. This applies to everything in life, but especially to the kind of challenges faced when making changes to your body. Building requires determination, unfailing consistency, and a certain appreciation for pain. If there isn't something greater driving you to transform into something else, you're bound to give in to the exhaustion at some point. Love what you do and it will see you through.



    You can always spot the new guy at the gym. Big or small, they work out too fast and too hard. If you look at a builder who knows what he's doing, he'll make it seem easy. Just put some plates on and lift till you turn blue in the face. But if you're done some reading and put in some time at the gym, you'll find that there is so much more going into a simple squat or bench press. Get to know how your body works - not just the muscles but also your bones, tendons, ligaments, joints, and organs. Once you understand how the human body works, educate yourself on proper form and execution. Your body is a complicated machine. Read the manual.



    This may sounds like a ridiculous tip but hear me out on this one. Just because you're about to get sweaty and work up a stink, doesn't mean you should walk into the gym already smelling like a gym bag. Respect the space and others by arriving clean. When you are done, clean up well. Feeling good about yourself when you walk in AND when you walk out will give you pride and confidence in your efforts - bringing you one step closer to success. Our sport has been fighting a bad rep for decades now. With the popularity of fitness on the rise, we have an opportunity to redefine ourselves. We all know it takes an extraordinary mind and body to build right. Don't let BO overshadow that. Represent and be proud. Deodorize.

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