• Nutrition for Builders: BULK

    Nutrition is, by far, the most important part of your training - and it's also what a lot of builders get wrong. You need to approach your nutrition with the same intensity as your best workout. Consider your level of training, goals, and body type to craft a plan that's right for you.

    Below you'll find basic guidelines for building a diet plan for those looking to bulk. Depending on what you've learned about your body thus far, you'll need to play with these numbers until you get a combination that works for you. For instance, if you are a hard gainer (takes a lot to put on muscle), then you'll want to start at the maximum calorie level. If you tend to gain weight (put on fat) easily, you'll want to stay on the lower end and possibly cut back on your fat calories.

    The range given is a jumping off point. Each person will have different needs. The range differs for each builder depending on several factors:

    • Intensity/Days Training

    • Gender

    • Metabolism

    • Training Season

    • Experience Level

    As a general rule, women should focus on the lower ranges as a starting off point. Although some women may discover better results with mid-level numbers, most women may need to dip a bit lower than the range for men to optimize results.

    CALORIES: 18-24 g/lb
    PROTEIN: 1 g/lb
    CARBS: 2-3 g/lb
    FATS: 0.6-0.8 g/lb*


    *Total grams per pound of fats depends on the rest of your diet. This number is an estimate. To properly calculate the grams of fat for your diet, do the following:

    • Calculate total number of calories

    • Calculate protein calories: multiply total grams of proteins by 4

    • Calculate carb calories: multiply total grams of carbs by 4

    • Subtract total proteins and total carbs from total calories

    • Divide remainder by 9

    DAILY NUTRITION FOR 175 LB MAN (Top Range/Ectomorph)
    CALORIES: 4200

    PROTEIN: 175 g (1 g/lb)

    CARBS: 525 g  (3 g/lb)
    FATS: 155 g (about 0.8 g/lb)


    CALORIES: 2250
    PROTEIN: 125 g (1 g/lb)
    CARBS: 250 g (2 g/lb)
    FATS: 83 g (about 0.6 g/lb)

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