Name: Jerome Ferguson a.k.a. Jerome Hollywood Ferguson

    Home location: Venice Beach, CA

    Sport: Pro Bodybuilder / Football

    Education: Aviation

    Years in current sport: Over 20 + yrs

    1. What got you started in Bodybuilding?
    One Sunday morning at Sunday school the teacher read a biblical story about Samson and how strong he was and how much he loved God. So when I was 13 my parents got me a bench press weight set. I started training because I wanted to be like Samson.

    2. Who are your favorite athletes and why?
    The two athletes/bodybuilders that are my inspiration are Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I love Lou and Arnold from the golden era and I love and continue to support both. The best part is that they are both still my friends.

    3. What is your go to meal when competing and in the off season?
    When I am prepping for competition I go straight to tilapia, potato and asparagus. When I am out of prep season my favorite meal is a giant cheeseburger!

    4. What do you do currently in your training that is a key to your success?
    Whenever I train I make sure that I stay consistent. Being consistent is the number one key to my success.

    5. What are three things that never leave your gym bag?
    jerome 3The three things that never leave my bag are my weight belt, my gloves and my wrist straps.

    6. Who are some of your favorite artists to work out to and pose to?
    I love old-school and new-school rap! Some of my favorite artists are Tupac, Biggie, Drake, Ludicrous and J Cole.
    7: Have you experienced a breakthrough, if so, what led to it?
    Yes! Life situations! I've been able to read spiritual books like "Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle and "The art of happiness" by The Dalai Lama. I killed my ego and became pure love, God love.
    8: If you could compare yourself to any character in a film/fiction who would he/she be?
    The Incredible Hulk! Because I am love but don't take my love and kindness for weakness.
    9. What advice would you give a new competitor in the industry?
    Do it for the love of the sport and and not for your ego. Always compete against yourself and work towards being the best you that you can be for you! Take your time, do not rush and enjoy the ride and the process of making your body the best. Take care your body in the process because it is the only body that you will ever have. And remember no short cuts!
    10: What is the worst advice that someone has given you?
    At this point in my career no one has ever gave me bad advice. I take all advice and I use it at some point in my life to grow into a better me.
    11: If you could choose to come back as someone else what/who would it be.
    JEROME HOLLYWOOD FERGUSON!! I love my life and what I do. Or I would be the Lion King, King of the Jungle!   jerome 1
    12: What is your motto?
    NOTHING IS MORE POWERFUL THAN LOVE!!  BE POWERFUL....BE POWERFUL! The highest point in my career was when I got my pro card, because it took me 10 years to get. Each year I was  striving to be better and better. The love for people and the love for health and fitness; that is what motivates me.



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