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  • Water Bottle Accountability for Weight Loss - Shanna Ferrigno

    Try to always keep water near you. Having a water bottle around will make it easier on you to drink more water when you are home, at work, or out running errands. Here is one of my favorite tips that has helped me stay hydrated and has kept my weight off. - Shanna
  • Lou's Life Lesson: FEAR

    You never want to be a slave to fear. Fear leads to the negative. Fear has to do with alcohol, obesity, drugs. It has to do with the fear of being bullied or being called fat, ugly, or stupid. You grow up with these fears thinking, "They're right." But if you take action and work on those fears, embrace them, surrender to fear, and get to love yourself, you've got it made. You will be very successful. FOCUS on your fears. INVEST in some time to write them down and consider ways to minimize them. TAKE ACTION and start today.  
  • Lou's Life Lesson: CONSISTENCY

    Lou talks about how to stay CONSISTENT in his home gym in Santa Monica, CA.
  • Lou's Life Lesson : DISCIPLINE

    Lou talks about the importance of being DISCIPLINE in his home gym in Santa Monica, CA.
  • Lou's Life Lesson: LEADERSHIP

    Lou talks about LEADERSHIP in his home gym in Santa Monica, CA.
  • Clearing Your Chaos - with Shanna Ferrigno

    The common theme among the people I have worked with who battle with food is that embarrassing habits or occasional indulgences turned into a more dangerous kind of shame: they hide what they eat from family, friends and colleagues, and develop massive denial about their behavior. Clearing your mind and home of chaos are vital first steps towards a healthy and consistent lifestyle upgrade. - Shanna
  • Tomatoes: Secret Weapon for Builders

    greentomatoA team of University of Iowa scientists has found a new compound that helps build muscle and burn fat... and you can find it at the grocery store right now. These scientists have identified tomatidine, a compound produced when digesting alpha-tomatidine, as a key to muscle building and fat loss in mice. This compound, found largely in green tomatoes, has shown to increase muscle growth, improve stamina, and burn fat. The research team found that healthy mice given supplements containing tomatidine grew bigger muscles, became stronger, and exercised longer, but the mice did not gain body weight. "Green tomatoes are safe to eat in moderation. But we don't know how many green tomatoes a person would need to eat to get a dose of tomatidine similar to what we gave the mice," Dr. Christopher Adams said in a statement. "We also don't know if such a dose of tomatidine will be safe for people, or if it will have the same effect in people as it does in mice." Although this study is new and additional testing is needed, we see green tomato-flavored protein shakes in our future.

  • Shanna's Tip Jar

    I did end up getting that black dress ;) Every time I look at it, it reminds me that I earned it. -Shanna
  • 8 Ways to Brighten Up Your Breakfast with Eggs

      Desperate to get out of a recipe rut and diversify your protein portfolio? Look no further than our comprehensive guide to egg eating. Protein is a key element of any builder’s diet, and eggs are often a more economical form of protein than, say, fish or beef. Plus, their nutritional value can’t be overstated—eggs are an excellent source of Omega 3’s and choline, a B vitamin that provides essential support for memory. Read on for our 8 favorite ways to eat an egg.   SCRAMBLED Perhaps the most foolproof option, a scramble is the also the fastest way to meet your egg quota. Add cheese, chives, ham, or keep things super simple and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Add a splash of hot sauce for an extra kick and garnish with some avocado slices for a healthy fat fix. This is also an excellent option for builders watching their cholesterol: just omit the yolks for scrambled egg whites. FRIED Desperate for a fried food fix? Or worse, battling a hangover? Satisfy your craving for a big breakfast post-party and opt for a fried egg on toast. Quick, delicious, and just the right amount of decadent, the fried egg pairs perfectly with a big cup of black coffee (and maybe a couple ibuprofen). Use a nonstick pan for frying and serve on well-buttered toast.   POACHED Beginners beware: poaching requires some trial and error, patience, and even a secret ingredient—vinegar. But it is worth the trouble to master this technique. Plus, a poaching guards all the textural benefits of a fried egg without the added fat. Boil a pot of water, add a splash of vinegar, stir to create a whirlpool, and slip in a freshly cracked egg, leaving it to cook for about 5 minutes. SALAD For a quick lunch, make open-faced egg salad sandwiches, or omit the bread altogether and scoop a spoonful of well-seasoned egg salad onto a bed of greens. In addition to the above, the possibilities eggs provide for one-pan meals are endless. Keep a supply of pre-prepped add-ins on hand, or use whatever is left in the fridge. Ingredients of questionable freshness work particularly well mixed in with the eggs, which will mask any unsightly vegetables. SPANISH TORTILLA Potatoes and eggs pair beautifully in this popular tapas dish. Serve a Spanish tortilla in small slices as an hors d’oeuvre or as a main attraction for a quick weeknight dinner. This one is always a crowd pleaser, and hearty without being heavy. QUICHE A French favorite, the quiche relies on a thin layer of phyllo dough and a thick, custardy layer of egg. Leeks, mushrooms, ham, spinach, and goat cheese work particularly well as additional ingredients. FRITTATA Equally delicious served hot at brunch or as leftovers atop thick slices of bread, the frittata presents endless possibilities and is a lower-carb alternative to both the quiche and Spanish tortilla. OMELET It doesn’t get more basic than the classic omelet. For extra protein and a little variety, fold in some ham, chicken, or cheese. Sprinkle with green onions and top with some Sriracha for a satisfying breakfast, lunch, or dinner. With so many delicious (and nutritious) options, eggs work well at any meal. Forget the old hardboiled and branch out! You can find more EGGcellent recipes in our Nutrition section as well.
  • 10 Reasons You’re Always Tired

    You're overstressed Up all night ruminating over life’s myriad stressors? Consider an evening workout to burn off some of that angst before bed. You’ll wake up better rested and ready to face the difficult boss, stack of bills, or unfinished to do’s. Or try meditation, which can work wonders on an overstressed system. Popular even among the Silicon Valley set, meditation quiets the mind, while deep breathing encourages oxygen flow, and in turn, increased energy.   You're oversleeping or under rested Getting sufficient shuteye seems like an obvious solution to fatigue, but it is especially important to maintain a steady sleep schedule. Try to establish a routine that incorporates 6-9 hours a night (depending on individual needs) and a consistent waking hour.   You're not a breakfast person Often cited as the most important meal of the day, a solid breakfast helps you’re your blood sugar level and gives you fuel to get through the AM rush. Plus, breakfast eaters are less prone to overeating later in the day, which will help bring you closer to your fitness goals. You're over-caffinated A morning cup (or two) of coffee shouldn't hurt, but beware of consuming caffeine after 4 PM. Green tea is a refreshing and antioxidant-rich alternative to that lunchtime macchiato you’ve come to rely on, and lacks the extra calories often found in espresso drinks.   You aren't getting enough exercise Start the day off with some cardio to get your blood pumping. An AM workout will help you sustain energy through the rest of the day, even if its just a quick jog around the neighborhood, a few sets of jumping jacks, some push ups, and a quick game of jump rope. If you’ve fallen off the exercise wagon, force yourself to motivate and get to the gym.   You're getting too much exercise. Alternatively, you may be pushing yourself too hard at the gym, without allowing your muscles enough time to recover. Overexerting yourself can have many negative effects besides just overall fatigue, including increasing your likelihood of injury. Take things down a notch the next time you’re feeling on the brink of burnout and make sure to stay hydrated regardless of your activity level.   Your adrenal glands are shot Excess stress can cause a decrease in adrenal function, also known as adrenal fatigue. The adrenal glands produce key hormones including cortisol and testosterone, and those with adrenal fatigue often experience debilitating tiredness and aches. Sound familiar? Try a supplement geared toward adrenal support and have a blood test to check your hormone levels. Your diet is off track Consuming excess sugar and relying on empty carbs? A deficiency in nutrient dense foods can keep you feeling sluggish, fatigued, and lost in a mental fog. Simple solutions: switch out soda for water, pop a handful of almonds after a workout for a quick dose of protein and healthy fats, and add some greens to your daily breakfast smoothie or protein shake.   You're behind on your check-ups If it has been awhile since you last stepped foot in a doctor's office, consider getting an appointment on the books. There may be a more serious issue at hand causing your fatigue, such as a thyroid imbalance.   You’re protein deficient Builders especially have to keep in mind the importance of a protein-rich diet. Nuts, lean meats, fish and cheese are all great sources, and post-workout protein shakes make for a quick fix.             Don’t let persistent yawning keep you from your fitness goals! Schedule a check up, maintain a clean, proteinaceous diet, and above all, get plenty

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