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    Never let a builder go hungry...Builders spend a ton of money on food because they are constantly eating - and eating well. Many buy food in bulk and become antisocial, choosing to stay home and eat what they cook instead of explaining their needs to friends or waiters. Any extra salt or fat in food makes a difference when you're trying to make changes to your body - especially if you're competing or preparing for a photo shoot or role. Unfortunately, many people either don't understand the importance your diet or don't care. They think, "Oh, you're in great shape. Just eat the extra [insert food you don't want here]. You could probably use the extra calories/taste/etc." Builders get no respect. If you're dating someone that's not a builder, educate them. If your friends are not builders, educate them. When you go to a restaurant, educate them. Eventually people will understand. Whether you're building for recreation, for a living, or retired like me, you have very specific diet needs that most people just don't understand. It's all tied up with the perception of a builder plus a million diet fads misconceptions. Perhaps the easiest place to start to educate people on your needs is at a restaurant - because your happiness is what keeps them in business. They will try to get it right - especially if you are willing to go online and express your unhappiness on Twitter, Instagram, or Yelp.

    My wife Carla loves to go out to eat, but I hate it. Restaurants ALWAYS get it wrong. When I go to a breakfast buffet, I have to keep an eye on the omelet guy. He loves getting creative with my food. There is always some extra salt or oil or yolks in there. Sometimes the guy gets so nervous when I watch that he burns my omelet! I'm not sure what's worse.

    LOU'S OMELET: 4 egg whites, 2 egg yolks, light oil, no salt

    We can visit the most trendy, elaborate restaurant in Los Angeles, and they don't know how to make my grilled salmon! It's gotten so bad that I literally write my request on a piece of paper and hand it to the waiter when he/she gets there. I usually check the menu in advance to make sure they have what I need, but that's usually not the problem. My needs are simple... at least I think so. [color-box color="yellow"]


    Salad - plain lettuce, 2 olives, 3 Roma tomatoes, no dressing Grilled Salmon - no oil, slice of lemon Plain baked potato Steamed spinach[/color-box] [caption id="attachment_13415" align="alignleft" width="300"]lourestaurant "Don't make me angry... no seriously, don't." - Big Lou[/caption] When I travel, I research the restaurants near my hotel ahead of time. I make sure that I have access to restaurants that will serve me what I need. If not, I'll request a room with a small kitchen so I can make my own food. I have left A-list parties when the food doesn't arrive on time. 9:00pm is not dinner time for a builder. If I do want to go to a party, and stay, I'll eat beforehand. Food is really important to me. Not because I'm a foodie, but because food makes it possible to achieve important things in my life - good health, fulfilling career, confidence, personal achievement. Never be rude about your needs, but never apologize either. Everyone is entitled to eat healthy. Your definition of healthy might be different than others', but that shouldn't matter. Be proud of yourself. I am.
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