• Positive Muscle Gain Through Negative Movement

    If you're not paying attention to the negative movements in your exercises, you're not getting the most out of your workout. This news is not new. But so few stress its importance enough. It may be even more important that the "positive" movement you're familiar with. [caption id="attachment_13471" align="alignright" width="300"]bicep-curl weight lowering not weight lifting[/caption] Negative movement, or eccentric training, is the contraction of a muscle as it is lengthened - or the deliberate, slow return of a weight to its original position. Think of it as "weight lowering," the opposite of concentric/contracting movements or "weight lifting." The key to a proper negative movement is to maintain proper form while controlling the rate of decent. If done properly, and often times with more concentration and time dedicated to it than its counterpart, you will see a significant change in your performance and rate of change. Here's what you can expect from the proper incorporation of the negative movement into your regime. STRONGER MUSCLES Research indicates that the consistent, proper use of negative movement in weight training leads to stronger muscles. This is attributed to a multitude of factors.
    • The added contraction enhances neural stimulation to and within the muscle.
    • The counter movement stores energy in the muscle - much like a spring - prepping it for the next rep.
    • A proper negative movement will increase muscle hypertrophy, calling on additional resources to the muscle.
    INJURY PREVENTION A controlled negative movement prevents injury caused by swinging and acute movements of bones, muscles, tendons, and joints. In fact, negative movement exercises are at the core of many rehabilitation therapies as well as programs for seniors looking to maintain healthy skeletal structure. INCREASED METABOLIC RATE Studies show that an emphasis on the negative movement during a workout can increase your resting metabolic rate up to 9%. This is likely do to increased muscle repair and protein synthesis.
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