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    glovesEven when I was tackling my toughest workouts, I didn't wear gloves. Sure, there were some times when I broke down and wrapped my hands or wore a pair of gloves, but that was only when my calluses got so bad they bled. I like nothing between me and heavy ass weights. It's how I learned, and it's how I like it. I'm aware of the benefits of wearing gloves, and I don't judge anyone that uses them.
    • Helps protect against calluses and blisters
    • Improves your grip
    • Provides wrist support
    But for me, they just don't make sense.
    • Calluses and blisters: These are a symbol of your pain and gain. Why not be proud of them? The truth is, developing calluses is your body's natural protection. They have a function. In fact, they provide extra gripping power.
    • Grip: When you're dealing with lots of weight, you want to have control. I find the best control is when I can feel every inch of that weight in my hand. An ill-fitting glove can ruin all that.
    • Support: I'm a stickler for form. And if you perfect and respect form, you don't need additional support.
    [caption id="attachment_13468" align="alignright" width="300"]Just me and the elements Just me and the elements[/caption] All this said, my wife complains about my hands all the time. She doesn't like how they look or how they feel. So, my work around is to keep my hands clean and calluses filed down. Occasionally, I'll get a manicure and have a professional do it. When you work with your hands, take care of them. Don't be ashamed to ask for help, even if it means walking into a nail salon. Happy Building!
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