• Ridiculous Exercise Machines You Don't Need

    We've been trying to cut corners for centuries. In the 1000s, William the Conqueror tried to lose weight by staying in bed and exclusively drinking alcohol. Europeans in the 1800s thought vinegar would do the trick. Some bet on pills filled with tapeworms. Have you ever bought into an idea hoping it would solve your weight loss problems? Maybe some late night infomercial convinced you that some special machine would tone your legs or build your arms? Most of us have fallen into that trap. Here are some of the worst culprits and our cheap alternatives that we do guarantee will get you results.
    vibratingplatformVIBRATING PLATFORM There are claims and even studies that standing on a vibrating platform helps your immune system and lessens the effects of metabolic syndrome. You know what helps even more? Jumping jacks on a floor that doesn't vibrate.    
    virbatingbeltVIBRATING BELT MACHINE In the 1880s and 1890s, vibrating chairs, platforms, and bars where used as therapy for patients at the Battle Creek, Michigan sanitarium. Maybe this can help shake the crazy out of you but not the fat. Try dancing for 15 minutes instead.    
    sidesaddle2MECHANICAL BULL RIDING Mechanical bull riding has been a drunken past time for decades. But for weight loss? Instead of this machine, buy yourself a $1.00 beach ball and roll around on the floor while clutching it between your legs.      
    07/12/06:  Photos by alison harbaughTHE JUMP SNAP It's a jump rope without rope. Um...buy a jump rope. They cost $1.00 at Target.    
    beanloungeBEAN EXERCISER Get out of here! This is a lounge chair. Get on the floor and do some free sit ups!    
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