• What NOT to Do in the Squat Rack

    The squat rack is a sacred place where many let out aggressions, earn gym rep, and generally pursue dreams. It's also a place of deep seated anger and resentment towards gym n00bs and all those generally oblivous to the rules of life in the gym. Here's how to get your ass kicked next time you're staring at an empty squat rack. CURLING IN THE SQUAT RACK. This one is easy right? 10554133_529614247138979_674267273_n IF YOU ARE REALLY LOOKING FOR A BEATING, TRYING CURLING WHILE USING A YOGA BALL. This is not just taboo, it's just plain stupid.62GET NAKED. As much as some onlookers may appreciate your efforts to get one with nature, there are just too many accidents associated with nudity at the gym. We'll let your imagination figure that one out.68 Hot Naked Squats_thumb CREATE YOUR OWN EXERCISES. As much as we admire ingenuity, don't try and get creative with other people's equipment. If you want to get your stretch on or build core, there are lots of random balls and blocks and floors and walls you can use that are not the area around the squat rack.1-Leg-Hip-Thrust-On-Bench-2 TAKE A SELFIE. The selfie, in a serious gym, is a sign of too much vanity during what should be a painful and utterly exhausting period of time. Have you ever taken a picture of yourself after passing a gallstone? Exactly. Save the selfies for the locker room or bedroom where you have all the time in the world to wow us with your sculpted physique.indexHAVE GOOD TIMES. The squat rack is not for good times and smiles. It's for grunting, sweating, and skill. We do not look happy on the squat rack.10560958_753892434670165_204883951_nINVOLVE THE FAMILY. The squat rack is not for families...and it surely is not for babies. Don't bring your family to the squat rack. The rack is an exclusive relationship between you and it.gym ALL OF THE ABOVE. This one just about violates every rule - family, good times, incorrect usage, stupidity, photo op. Perhaps some nudity would have made this more entertaining, but not to those waiting to use the squat rack.929152_425450057597705_230814873_n   RESPECT THE RACK.
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