• 10 Cartoon Characters I'd Love to Train

    As a trainer, you often measure your success by that of others'. Some of my proudest moments have been watching others achieve their goals. Here are 10 "characters" I'd love to see reach their full potential.


    Homer has an important job and a beautiful family. He needs to be alert at work and set an example for those kids. You're never too old to get fit. I think we can get some considerable muscle on that body. Sorry Homer, you're going to have to say goodbye to those donuts.



    I think Eric has what it takes. He's stubborn and relentless when something is important to him. With the right guidance, I think he can truly be the beefcake he's always wanted to be.



    I was bullied. I know what it means to be called names - even if you tell others that you like it.  We need to turn things around for this guy. Albert is strong. He's got the muscle under there. With a proper diet, I think he can probably lose 100 pounds in 3 months. I'm calling Chris Powell.



    Too much attention has been placed on women needing to be in shape for their men and not enough on men being in shape for their women. Peter, you've got a hot wife. It's time to give her the man she deserves. Let's call Joe and start a boot camp.



    I've trained many heavy clients whose problem is not the love of food or even failure to train, it's a negative outlook on life. Once you tackle that, everything is possible. I'd love to get Charlie in the gym, make him feel good about himself, and see his life change. You need less Lucy's and more Linus's in your life, Charlie.



    I've met a lot of guys like Shrek. They say they're happy, but they're not. I think he's got a lot going for him now that he has a family and has settled down. I think now is the time to focus on his eating habits. A CrossFit routine would work best for him. He already eats lots of protein, we just need to cut down the carbs and fats. Lean, mean, and green - the only way to be.



    This guy is going to be a challenge: an ectomorph with a habit. The good news is, I've seen him run while carrying a 150 lb great dane. This guy has potential. Shaggy, I can't guarantee you'll look like me, but we can get you Fight Club shredded.



    Fred will be my greatest achievement if I could train him. PALEO ANYONE? I think Fred is probably eating fatty cuts of beef and needs a little cardio in his life, but the foundation is there. Fred, let's ditch the car - you might as well start jogging to work.



    If Fred is going to be successful with his new workout program, his best friend needs to be on board. Barney seems to be an easy-going guy. I think I can motivate him to change his lifestyle.



    Olive could use a little muscle. With a man like Popeye, finding a common ground in fitness might be a good idea. I'm thinking long and lean Olive might like a little power yoga - spinach-muscle doesn't suit her.


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