• Can the Hulk be defeated?

    defeathulk The Incredible Hulk is one of the most powerful superheroes ever. He is basically strength incarnate. Stress is his trigger, and the more aggressive and violent the stress, the more powerful he becomes. While other superheros have to learn to harness, contain, and control their powers, Hulk just lets it fly (cause he has no other choice). Because his power is so raw, it is difficult to defeat The Hulk. Hulk Stats (varies with each kind of Hulk)RMK0000GM_TheHulkGiant
    • Height: 7'6'' but can grow bigger the madder he gets
    • Weight: 900 lbs but also increases as he gets bigger
    • Eye color: Green/Grey
    • Hair color: Green/Black
    • Skin Color: Green/Grey
    • Leaping distance: Can leap as little as four miles or as much as hundreds of miles
    • Strength: Starts out at a base of 100 tons (all green Hulks). Upper limit is incalculable.
    • Speed: 215 mph and up
    • Stamina: He can go weeks without water, food, or resting.
    The Hulk has amazing powers of regeneration. Amongst human-born superheroes, he's got everyone beat. His neck has been broken. He's been sent into space. He's been sent deep into the ocean. He's been disintegrated by a nuclear blast. Although sometimes it takes the Hulk some time to recover from these "wounds," he always does recover. Still, it has been mercy from his fellow superheroes that has "allowed" him the proper time to get himself back together. Here are few that can actually pull off deleting the Hulk - if they really wanted to. (Some of these may overlap categories, and I'm sure we missed mentioning some heroes within each category. The Marvel Universe is HUGE.) THOSE WHO CAME INTO EXISTENCE WHEN THE UNIVERSE WAS BORN For those races responsible for the universe itself, yes, they could delete the Hulk. Some of those include: Eternity, Infinity, Oblivion, Death, Celestials, Living Tribunal, The One-Above-All. These entities can bestow great power to those below them and basically do whatever they want. Theoretically, they could give another their power and have them do the dirty work - if they wanted to. MATTER-MANIPULATING GODS For those with the power to manipulate matter and energy, the sky is the limit. Galactus and any one of his heralds could bring him down. (Silver Surfer once removed the effects of gamma radiation from the Hulk - making him completely human and completely vulnerable - The Incredible Hulk #250.) The Phoenix could definitely take him in all her incarnations. Dr. Manhattan would use him as a play thing. POWERFUL MIND CONTROL Any hero/villian with mind control could will the Hulk to defeat himself in any number of ways. Imagine Charles Xavier, at his most powerful, telling Hulk to off himself... THOSE WHO CAN ALTER TIME & REALITY The Beyonders, the Cosmic Cube, and those they bestow with ultimate power could take the Hulk. To alter the world around Hulk would alter his reaction to it, thus possibly opening a window into tricking Hulk long enough to defeat him at his weakest. The Scarlett Witch, for instance, is responsible for causing most of the mutants on earth to lose their powers. One of those could have been the Hulk - if he hadn't been previously sent into space. STAN LEE & JACK KIRBY They could manipulate the rules of the Hulk universe and decide to off the Green Giant. They hold the power, but we know they'd never use it. [gallery link="none" ids="14147,14146,14145,14144,14143,14136,14135,14134,14151"] [caption id="attachment_14153" align="aligncenter" width="600"]JackStan Jack & Stan Cameo - Fantastic Four #584[/caption] DC COMICS The list above keeps Hulk within the Marvel Universe. But what about some of the stars of DC Comics... could they take on old Jade Jaws?
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