• What Does LOU FERRIGNO eat on Thanksgiving?

    ferrigno-familyThanksgiving isn't different from any other day when it comes to food... if you're Lou Ferrigno. Lou keeps it clean on turkey day while still eating a bit of everything on the table. Turkey, a salad, and vegetables fill most of his plate and are eaten first before digging into the more decadent foods. It's not a sacrifice however. When Lou was a kid, the only time they had turkey was on Thanksgiving. It wasn't a daily food like it is today. It was a food symbolic of the holiday. The turkey itself is a treat for Lou. He doesn't touch the gravy or the stuffing. However, he will partake in some of the desserts. It's not so much that he likes sweets - he doesn't usually care for them - but on Thanksgiving, his wife Carla likes to bake. And like every other household, if your wife bakes, you show your appreciation by tasting a bit of each. What's your holiday plate look like? Here are some statistics about the most calorie-laden time of the year. [stextbox id="info"]

    51 million turkeys are consumed on Thanksgiving Day

    It's not the tryptophan in the turkey that makes you sleepy. It's the insane amount of carbs, fat, and overall food we eat that does us in.

    The average person eats 4500 calories on Thanksgiving Day.



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