• The Face Behind the Hulk

    The infallible legend of the Hulk has its roots in print, yet continues to prove successful on-screen after multiple adaptations. First published in 1962, the story follows nuclear scientist Bruce Banner, victim of a gamma radiation experiment gone awry. As a result of toxic exposure, Dr. Banner develops an alter ego triggered by anger, a massive green superhuman known as the Hulk. Both geek and brute, Banner's character doesn’t follow the typical hero narrative. Rather than preserving social order, the Hulk orchestrates mayhem, and as his emotional distress escalates, so does his physical strength. In addition to his split personality, Banner must combat disingenuous outsiders looking to capitalize on his condition. While diehard comic fans have sometimes felt betrayed by artistic license in moviemaking, the Hulk maintains a grandiose presence in the Marvel universe. Here we’ve compiled a list of his most famous appearances. LOU FERRIGNO Lou-Ferrigno-Incredible-HulkThe list would be incomplete without mentioning the first on-screen Hulk, played by none other than Mr. Ferrigno in the 1977 television series The Incredible Hulk. An enormous success, the series lasted for an impressive 82 episode run, followed by three made-for-TV movies, The Incredible Hulk Returns, The Trial of The Incredible Hulk, and The Death of The Incredible Hulk. In reverence to his pioneering role, Lou has made cameo appearances in subsequent film productions including The Hulk and The Incredible Hulk. Lou is the only person to have ever played the Hulk - with recent incarnations focusing on casting only his alter ego and employing a CGI green giant.     ERIC BANA eric-bana-edward-norton-bruce-banner-hulk Although Ang Lee’s 2003 epic The Hulk was widely criticized for its relatively slow pace and for straying too far from the original story, this version of the story provides a deeper understanding of the Hulk and his troubled past. The film focuses primarily on the consequences of Dr. Banner’s repressed memories and the love story between Banner and former flame Betty Ross. Unlike many of the other Hulks, Bana’s Banner is heavily informed by a childhood trauma, and his father, played by Nick Nolte, has a much more significant presence in the story.       ED NORTON nortonhulkEd Norton led the cast of the 2008 reboot, The Incredible Hulk, an ode to the original TV series title. Hiding out in Brazil and working at a soda factory to ensure a low profile, Dr. Banner remains determined to lure himself and reunite with Ms. Ross. To do so, he must avert an army led by General Ross, Betty's father, and a new enemy, alias: The Abomination.           MARK RUFFALO Ruffalo Hulk Perhaps best known for his indie roles, Mark Ruffalo stepped outside the mold to embody the Green Giant in 2012’s mega hit The Avengers. As the movie opens, Dr. Banner is extracted from Calcutta, where he has been practicing medicine and successfully thwarting any anger that would lead to an episode of “hulking out.” Ruffalo’s character is wary of joining the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to aid in saving the world from nuclear disaster, reticent to help a government that has vilified him. Ultimately, however, duty calls, and his expertise proves essential to saving the planet from ruin. Ruffalo will reprise his role as Dr. Banner in the upcoming sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron. ------- The Hulk has experienced a recent revival in recent years - possibly because hard times have led many to relate to an emotional character who is plagued with obstacles but determined to make it work. Still, with many faces but one name, the Hulk remains an icon of American superhero culture and a classic character in the comic canon.
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