• 5 Basic Rules of Getting BIG

    ripped-muscle There is muscle gain, which everyone at every age should experience, then there is getting BIG. In order to increase your muscle mass exponentially, you need to train a specific way or you will not see results. Consistent training, done incorrectly, can lead to a number of things that isn't size. Here are five basic rules to keep you focused regardless of what routine you're following. heavyUSE HEAVY WEIGHTS Big muscles are needed to lift big weights - that's what we're working towards. You want to reach your ultimate weight limits. Get familiar with those limits. Lift to failure. Plan accordingly.     repsLOW REPS / MODERATE SETS Keeping in mind you're using heavy weights, keep your rep count low and sets moderate. On average, you'll want to start somewhere around 10-15 reps and work your way down as you move though your sets (2-3 average). Slow gainers should start at the bottom of the spectrum   restPRACTICE SHORT REST PERIODS While using heavy weights, there is a constant temptation to take long rests between sets. I've seen builders rest as long as three to five minutes! Such long rests erode your muscle gain rate and leave you open to injury. Strike while the muscle is warm! Rest no longer than one minute between sets regardless of the weights you're using.   legFOCUS ON LEGS & BACK Your legs and back are your largest muscle groups. It takes hard training to build them up properly and with symmetry. They are the foundation of all other growth and power in your body. Not only that, but with strong legs and back, you are less likely to experience injury. If nothing else, take great pain in making sure those two areas are taken care of and you'll see the rest of your body fall in line. compoundUSE COMPOUND MOVEMENTS Old school lifting was often done with a great deal of isolated exercises. Although these are great for focusing on a weakness and perfecting symmetry, it is compound movements that will bring you the best combination of strength, health, and growth. Our bodies are meant to function using compound movements - the body working together. This kind of exercise fortifies joints, tendons, and ligaments as well as builds muscle.
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