• Foods That Shouldn't Exist

    There are foods that are bad for you. There are foods that don't taste great. Then there are foods that exist merely because humans can "cook" them. These foods, the ones that can live on your shelf for decades, they shouldn't exist. PICKLED PIGS FEET We get that we ought to be mindful of the animal that died and use all the parts, but do we really need to eat a food that is half fat and is... well... feet? I bet Dolores doesn't really eat these things. food4 CANNED CHICKEN You can buy chicken in a multitude of ways. It's fairly inexpensive. Why would you want to buy that gooey, gelatinous carcass on the right? Big Lou says eat fresh. food1 BACON SODA Let's see how many ways we can recreate the taste of fat. food3 POTATO MEATLOAF Americans love to package things neatly, but most food is not meant to fit perfectly in a shoebox. We say, stay away from foods that can be "molded." food2 DIET COKE WITH BACON There are a multitude of reasons why you shouldn't be drinking soda - even diet soda. So why add additional chemicals to it so that you can pretend you drinking pig fat? Let's put this one to rest, STOP PUTTING BACON WHERE IT DOESN'T BELONG!food10.jpg PEANUT BUTTER & MAYONNAISE We're not fans of mayonnaise here at Ferrigno FIT. There are many other ways to flavor your food that tastes better, adds nutrients, and has less calories. So mayonnaise could just disappear for all we care. But to disrespect peanut butter by implying they would taste great together.... we won't allow it. food5 SPAM Spam falls under the "molded" food category. Think about what you're eating next time you are so hungry you're willing to eat the spam from the 80s in your pantry. Would you feel comfortable cooking random bits of pork meat (very random) with salt and sugar and then putting it in a can for months/years, and then eating it? If so, we agree to disagree. food6 VEGEMITE Vegemite was created when a chemist was tasked with making food from factory waste. Here's how you make Vegemite: go to a brewery and ask for their leftover yeast, mix with spices, salt, and vegetable-tasting additives. Spread and enjoy. food7 SLIM CHIPS It's paper! Slim Chips Maker says: "Slim Chips are good and they contain no calories. Instead of getting fat you can now eat paper with different flavors. It's like eating tasty air. The Slim Chips are made out of edible paper and pure organic tastes." food9  
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