• Candid Moments from Your Favorite Champs


    "I always say that the mentality of a bodybuilder isn't normal," Jay explains. "Something has to be triggered inside you. You always want to push yourself beyond the limits. Honestly, you have to be a little crazy. There are some people who have the potential to have the best physiques in the world, but they don't have the mental capabilities to push themselves."

    Jay Cutler


    After watching a Vince Taylor routine it becomes obvious why he held, for a time, the Guinness world record for the most IFBB professional wins with 22 victories. Known for his creative posing routines and carefree personality, this candid shot shows he has great balance and focus.

     Vince Taylor

    Steve Reeves will always be my idol. The 6'1" outspoken bodybuilder/actor won every major title of his era, drug-free, and retired from competitive bodybuilding at 24. Here, the 1947 Mr. America, 1948 Mr. World, and 1950 Mr. Universe displays his trophies on his bedroom dresser.

    “Today, everything about the top bodybuilding champions is over sized. They have lost the whole purpose of bodybuilding, which is to create a harmonious whole, not to exaggerate the development of parts of the body. A body has hands, legs, feet, arms, and a head. If a man’s arms appear bigger than his head, his body is thrown out of proportion.”

    Steve Reeves

    Andreas Cahling helping me backstage with my color before the 1993 Mr. Olympia in Atlanta. It takes a village to be a competitor.

    “Coming back after retirement wasn’t easy, but I had a hell of a time.”

    Lou Ferrigno

    Frank Zane, taught high school science in Venice, CA. This candid photo of him in the classroom shows a different side of the 1977-1979 Mr. Olympia champ. Zane had, at his peak, arguably the most aesthetic, muscular physique of all time. He must have been a damn good teacher too.

    A lot of guys have better genes, but if you work hard and consistently, you can outperform them.”

    Frank Zane

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