• Leg Day with Tom "Quadzilla" Platz

    Although Tom Platz never took first place at the Olympia, he had a string of top ten finishes that have made him a bodybuilding legend. His star quality: remarkable leg development. For this, he has earned many nicknames including: The God of Legs, The Quadfather, and Quadzilla. His leg training was all about high intensity, high reps, and heavy weights - and his 31" leg size proved he was doing something right. Tom's leg days were unreal. He basically did a "Squat Day" every other week. His squats were so intense they left little else for his legs to do. Sometimes he would just call it quits after squats. Sometimes he would fit in some leg curls. Other weeks, he would trade in his regular squats for hack squats plus the rest of his legs. His secret weapon: his crazy threshold for pain. "The attitude that I had back then was that my life had to pass in front of my eyes. I wanted to climb to that point. And if I couldn’t get to that point, I was disappointed and frustrated and extremely angry at myself, and I would make sure I got to that point every squat workout."
    "It’s just conjuring up the deep-rooted emotions and the passion and the energy that you have within your body and your soul and your mind to push the weight up one more time and one more time and one more time." - Platz
    • Stretch before you begin
    • Situate the bar high up on your shoulders
    • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart with your toes pointing outward just slightly
    • Keep your torso tight and upright throughout each rep
    • Allow your knees to go beyond your toes*
    • Dip a bit below parallel
    • Do not bounce
    • Stretch between sets
    • Gradually increase weight
    • Lift until you see your life flash before your eyes
    [stextbox id="info"]*We are often told that your knees should never reach beyond your toes. This is a very solid general rule. Considering most people's range of motion - knee and hip - this is the safest way. However, a well-conditioned athlete, with proper form, can properly extend the knee - with the help of the hip and the leg muscles - and achieve a deeper squat. Don't try this until you're ready.[/stextbox] xrep17dDo you think you can handle the Quadfather's routine? Let's see: PLATZ LEG DAY [table]Exercise,Sets,Reps Squats,8-12,5-20 Hack Squats,3,20-30 Leg Extensions,5-8,10-30 Lying Leg Curls,4-6,7-20 Standing Calf Raises,3-4,10-15 Seated Calf Raises,3-4,10-15 Hack Machine Calf Raises,3-4,10-15 [/table]  
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