• Larry Scott Bicep Routine

    Larry Scott 2 As a rule, my heroes as a kid were tall men like me. At 6’1, Steve Reeves naturally appealed to me, and years later Arnold Schwarzenegger would inspire me for similar reasons - as would Dave Draper, a blonde six-footer with incredible arms. However, I once made an exception to this height rule. It came after my second year of training. The reason for my break with tradition can be summarized in two words: Larry Scott. (1962 Mr. America, 1964 Mr. Universe, 1965 & 1966 Mr. Olympia) Larry Scott was only 5’8”, but he hit the bodybuilding world of the mid–1960s with the impact of a cruise missile. Scott had a phenomenal physique. He was called the “Blonde Adonis” of bodybuilding. Scott epitomized the California bodybuilding culture of the 1960s with his epic 20-inch arms. In fact, he was always photographed outside in the California sunshine looking the part. As a teen, I read every magazine he was in. When I would be walking home from school in the dead of winter in Brooklyn, the image of Scott fired me up to train. I wanted so badly to be built like Larry Scott. Preacher Curls - named so because the bench they’re performed on resembles a slanted pulpit - were Scott's not-so-secret weapon. In fact, when it became known that Scott did most of his curling on this bench, preacher curls were suddenly referred to as Scott Curls. "What a lifestyle that must be," I would think to myself as I hurried downstairs to my home gym and trained my biceps using Larry’s famous “tri–set” routine. med_1208572517-imglarry1 In a tri-set you perform three different exercises performed in the same plane for the same muscle group in a superset format - with no rest between exercises. Below is Larry Scott’s “tri–set” routine. Biceps are still my favorite body part to work.    


    [table]Exercise,Sets,Reps Two-dumbbell Preacher Curl,6,6-8 SUPERSET with-Barbell Preacher Curl,6,6-8 Barbell Reverse Curl,6,8-10[/table]
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