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    In addition to proper exercise, ectomorphs should also be conscious of their diets when gaining weight. It's necessary to take in more calories than your body needs when gaining weight. The problem with ectomorphs is that you can seemingly ingest tons of calories and still not gain weight. pastasaladThe best nutritional alternative is to consume a balanced diet that's 10-15% higher in calories than what is needed to maintain a constant body weight. In addition, it will be necessary to eat four to six smaller meals per day, rather that the traditional two or three larger ones. You want to keep the flow of nutrients into your body consistent and continuous.
    • Keep it healthy
    • Consume lots of carbs
    • Don't forget to eat
    • Load up on good fats - fish, avocados, nuts, olive oil dressing
    • Embrace protein - aim for 1.5-2 grams per lb of body weight
    • Bring on the calories - aim for 15-20 times your weight
    Use this as a basis for your diet: [color-box color="gray"]


    BREAKFAST: Oatmeal with milk, banana, hardboiled egg SNACK: Turkey patty, brown rice, apple LUNCH: Whole wheat pasta, vegetables, grilled chicken SNACK: Protein shake with milk, banana DINNER: Grilled fish, potato, vegetables, pear SNACK: Cottage cheese, banana [/color-box] Remember, these are very general guidelines for a very general body type.
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