• Tomatoes: Secret Weapon for Builders

    greentomatoA team of University of Iowa scientists has found a new compound that helps build muscle and burn fat... and you can find it at the grocery store right now. These scientists have identified tomatidine, a compound produced when digesting alpha-tomatidine, as a key to muscle building and fat loss in mice. This compound, found largely in green tomatoes, has shown to increase muscle growth, improve stamina, and burn fat. The research team found that healthy mice given supplements containing tomatidine grew bigger muscles, became stronger, and exercised longer, but the mice did not gain body weight. "Green tomatoes are safe to eat in moderation. But we don't know how many green tomatoes a person would need to eat to get a dose of tomatidine similar to what we gave the mice," Dr. Christopher Adams said in a statement. "We also don't know if such a dose of tomatidine will be safe for people, or if it will have the same effect in people as it does in mice." Although this study is new and additional testing is needed, we see green tomato-flavored protein shakes in our future.

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