• Post Workout Tips

    Your workouts are important to enhancing your health and physical appearance. But your post workout actions are just as important if not more so. If you don't take the proper actions after your workout, you won't get the results you should be getting from your training. Then you'll probably get frustrated and maybe even quit. So let's not let that happen by taking a look at what you can do post workout.

    Drink Water

    During your training you are breaking your body down on many levels. You lose a lotof fluids while training, and you should be replacing them during the session by drinking lots of water. But hydration does not stop there, you need to continue to drink water all day. Water supports every metabolic function and nutrient transfer in the body.


    You are literally tearing your body tissue during your workouts. The goal is to get this muscle to become stronger during repair. To rebuild this tissue you need to feed it. You need both protein and carbohydrates within 60 minutes of the end of your workout - protein to rebuild the muscle and connective tissue and complex carbohydrates to replace your energy storage. If you don't have enough of one, a lot of the other will be used and therefore not do its full job.

    Good Time for a Protein Shake

    There is a special window for supplementation immediately following your session. In this window, your body can absorb more protein than at any other time of the day. You want that protein to be in liquid form so that it hits your bloodstream quickly and can be ushered off to start feeding your muscles. So this is the perfect time to be using those protein powders. A shake doesn't have to be some muscle building tub from the health food store, it can be something as simple as egg whites, fruit and water or milk.


    Quality sleep is a huge factor in your body's recovery. You should be trying your hardest to get close to 8 hours a night for maximum recovery.

    The Bottom Line

    If you put all these things in place on a consistent basis, you will notice your body responding better than ever to your training. And in return, your body will become more efficient and better at whatever challenge you give it.

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