• Cantaloupe Breakfast Bowl

    Cantaloupe Breakfast Bowl

    There are a lot of easy and fast ways to get your breakfast in without having to sacrifice nutrition. The key is to find those foods that deliver a combination of nutrients.

    Breakfast is the meal your body has been waiting for since dinner. And it needs a well-rounded combination of foods to recharge. This quick breakfast will give your brain the much needed sugars it needs to get going as well as deliver carbs and protein.

    Cantaloupe Breakfast Bowl
    Author: The Tribal Chef
    Prep time:
    Total time:
    • 1/2 cup non-fat cottage cheese
    • 8 oz of cantaloupe (about 1/2 a 28 oz cantaloupe)
    1. Cut the cantaloupe in half.
    2. Clean out the center.
    3. Scoop in the cottage cheese.
    4. Enjoy.
    Calories: 136 Fat: 1 Protein: 16.4

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