• Squat Tips

    Watch an Olympic lifter and powerlifter perform squats. You will get an idea on two different bar positions, either high on your back or in-between your shoulder blades, and you'll also observe how far you should go down.

    1. Stretch and warm-up properly before, during and after your leg workout. While stretching prepare your mind by visualizing your squatting with mental pictures.

    2. Focus your eyes on a spot on the floor five feet in front of you; keep them on that spot through the whole squat.

    3. Use proper footwear when performing squats. Tie your shoes and don't wear flip flops, not cool.

    4. Some people believe you should not wrap your knees. Why? Well, because they say it could hinder you from developing your ligaments and tendons. Not true. Also, wearing a belt while lifting will support your lower back and abdominal area. Well, this is true but optional.

    Personally, I use knee wraps when I get to 315, but do not put on a belt until I get to 405 on the squat. So remember, belts and knee wraps are class tools and should be used only for support.

    5. Don't forget to add five pounds every other week to your sets of squats. Even if you can do more, increase your weight only five pounds weekly.

    6. Don't stop at the bottom: Tighten your hip muscles, give a slight bounce, drive your hips up, and stand.

    A few tips to keep in mind:

    • Avoid training atleast 1-2 days before the squat session

    • Do this workout only in the presence of a trusted spotter. Its too intense for you to do this alone with safety.

    • Focus on counting 5's at a time instead of trying to focus on 30 reps at a stretch. 5 reps at a time seem a lot more doable when compared to 30+ reps at one shot

    • Take deep breaths in between reps as you start to fatigue. To try and knock out 30 or 15 reps without any rest will be almost impossible for most to do. Thus as fatigue starts to catch up take a few seconds between reps to pause, breathe deeply and begin when you are ready to.

    • Finish off with some light intensity training by doing some leg curls, and calf raises

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