Egg White International


Egg Whites International is a product that for over 15 years, has been used by the Ferrigno Family, Pro Body Builders and Fitness & Figure Competitors, to thousands of people just wanting to lose weight. This is also the perfect protein for kids.
Most people just don't know that it is mainly used as a protein drink. They think it is just an egg white that you cook. Sure, you can cook it. But more importantly, you can make any cold drink into a protein drink and you can't taste it. You get 12% more protein by NOT cooking it. Iced coffee is big a favorite.
If you use a protein powder now, just use 1/2 serving of protein powder and mix it with one cup of Egg Whites International liquid egg whites in place of water. It will taste the same or better and adds 26g of pure real food protein to any drink, and compliments your powder and saves you money.
If you have never tried this amazing protein drink before, go to Egg Whites International and use Promo Code "FerrignoFit" and SAVE up to $10.00 on your order TODAY.




"What would the Ferrigno Family be without protein - egg whites especially? We are a unit that strives for excellence in exercise or eating right. We only associate ourselves with products and people that we believe in. We are huge fans and users of Egg Whites International. Pure protein always shipped out the next day. Mac and the team have the best product around..." The Ferrignos

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