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Program Start Date

Because we tailor the program to your needs, you cannot start immediately. You must fill out the Health & Fitness Questionnaire in order to start your program. The questionnaire will ask you your desired start date.  Please plan for at least 2 days between the submission of the questionnaire and this date to allow our dietitians time to review your information and assess your needs. You may begin the program any time after those two days. (You may want to choose a date further down the road in order to give yourself time to shop for groceries and plan your meals.)

Note: After you've completed your program, you will no longer have access to its videos and articles.

CLICK HERE to fill out the Health & Fitness Questionnaire

What You'll Need

You'll need some equipment for the exercise portion of the program:

  • Comfortable Clothing
  • Water Bottle & Towel
  • Resistance Band - You will need one throughout the program. (If you have purchased the PRO package, a resistance band will be mailed to you shortly.) Note: You can always substitute a resistance band with light weights.
  • Free Weights/Dumbbells - You will not need these until Class 7.
  • Yoga Mat (optional)
  • Internet-enabled screen - Incredibly FIT is currently only available online. You can view our program via your computer, smart-phone, tablet, or Internet-enabled TV.

Customized Meal Plan

foodYou must fill out the Health & Fitness Questionnaire in order to receive your meal plan. The information you provide allows our team to custom-tailor the Incredibly Fit Program according to your needs. IT IS REQUIRED in order to begin your program. Once you have completed the questionnaire, a dietitian will contact you with your recommended meal plan and the complete meal planning exchange list. Use these tools, along with the portions pyramid (available for download below), to plan your meals and snacks.


CLICK HERE to to download The Portions Pyramid and Exchange List

Our exchange list is based on material developed by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, American Diabetic Association, and the U.S. Public Health Service. Actual calories consumed may vary depending on food choices, preparation methods, and cooking methods. If you have any questions or concerns regarding proper nutrition, consult a Registered Dietitian.

Workout Videos

exerciseThe Incredibly FIT Program offers 12 weeks of health and fitness instruction. This includes 12 different workout videos. These videos are delivered daily to your personal email address via the Incredibly FIT newsletter. They can also be accessed here.

Although you may access these videos at any time, we recommend following them in order each week. These workouts have been designed to help you increase intensity over time in a safe, effective way.

Class1 Class2 Class3 Class4 Class5 Class6 Class7 Class8 Class9 Class10 Class11 Class12


headsetWhen it comes to health and fitness, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. That’s why our program includes the assistance of our Personal Trainers and Registered Dietitians. Depending on your membership level, you have any number of consultations available to you. You can schedule these consultations at any time throughout your program. When you're ready to schedule your consultation(s), send an email to

CLICK HERE to email us and schedule a consultation with a Personal Trainer or Registered Dietitian

[box type="shadow"]If you are a BASIC member, you do not have any consultations available to you.

If you are a PREMIUM member, you have one 15-minute session with a Registered Dietitian and two 15-minute sessions with a Personal Trainer available to you.

If you are a PRO member, you have three 15-minute sessions with a Registered Dietitian and four 15-minute sessions with a Personal Trainer available to you.[/box]


Are you looking for advice on how to maximize your workouts? Do you need help getting motivated? Are you looking for the right kind of running shoes? Connect with the rest of the Ferrigno FIT community to share your questions, concerns, and success stories.

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Articles & Videos

While you are a member of the INCREDIBLY FIT Program, you can access all of our articles and videos. You can either access an article via the links in your newsletter or just search for it on our website.

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